View from space may solve the problem of Utility Discharge Pollution.

Silver Springs Working Group supports Florida Water Czar concept. The people needed a voice and Team Conservation nominated Environmental Activist Don Browning.

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Senator Charlie Dean Calls for Springs Protection Meeting in Marion County.

New Technology is helping to trace pollutants from space.  Sewer Treatment Plants can have an impact from over 50 miles.  Karst Geology allows water to flow through under ground rivers.

Legislators ask if FDEP can be and effective protector of the Springs Protection Imitative while being the regulator of Utility Pollution Discharge Programs.
FDEP agents must approve hundreds of discharge permits monthly.  It is a conflict of interest to expect them to stop the dumping of processed sewer effluent or storm sewer runoff into the aquifer just to keep the nitrogen level at or below 1.0 mg/L in Florida's Springs.
FDEP secretary Mike Sole argues that 10.0 mg/L should be allowed as the discharge standard because drinking water can contain 10.0 mg/L of nitrogen per FEDERAL and state guidelines.
Of Course, Florida's springs suffer 1.0 mg/L and the FDEP bowed out of the effort to protect our springs from utility dumping. 

Rainbow Springs is suffering right along with Silver Springs from Alachua Utility dumping, and now science is linking the timing. 

Views of actual pollution can be seen from space.  Recent reports show ground penetrating radar will show the actual flow under ground of pollutants.   

The Rainbow River: Water Quality Update - Chris Zajac, SWFWMD 

Chris reported recently that Increased nitrates remain the principal threat and fertilize the growth of exotic species such as 

 Hydrilla more so than the native eel grasses. Nitrate concentrations now regularly hover around 

2 mg/lt in water emerging from the vents of the Rainbow Springs Group. This nitrate level represents about a 20 fold increase over the background levels (about 0.1 mg/lt or less) recorded up until the 1960’s.  Tax Watch Florida editors have been focusing on the increase of springs nitrate when Gainesville began dumping high levels of nitrates into the ground water up stream from Rainbow and Silver Springs. 


Note the Florida Water Czar believes Chris Zajac of SWFWMD has documented the effect of the Kanapaha Sewer Dumping  by keying in to the suspected Utility Dumping of Sewer Effluent.

The Florida Water Czar salutes Chirs  Zajac as an Environmental Water Hero 

Regulated Springs Attraction breaks FDEP rules.
17 acres of parking dumps directly into spring water at Marion County Springs.

Florida Team Conversation is leading charge in protecting from utility discharge allowed by DEP.

It is important that people understand how utility dumping can hurt their financial family picture.

Drainage Wells and pumped sewer effluent are the leading cause of nitrate increase in our springs. Legislators are beginning to ask how we can protect our springs when such high levels of Nitrogen is discharged into the ground water.

Citizens distrust claims that pollutants soak in through karst Geology.  Water Czar asks how anything can soak in when most pollution is collected and injected as with a giant Hypodermic needle, directly into the ground water leading to our springs.  Pollution at this level will lead to higher utility rates as our drinking water becomes more polluted. 

Urban Drainage Wells are the leading Polluters
Growth is seen as a plus in promoting tax revenue to operate state budget.